WeChat Marketing

Sell to China from China’s super WeChat system. Our services include WeChat Minin App Creation, WeChat Advertising, WeChat Official Account Management, and WeChat CRM.


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Grow Your Business in the International Market Targeting Chinese

In China, everything is digital, and WeChat is boasted as the most popular social media in China.  With WeChat having over 1.2 billion monthly active users worldwide in 2020, WeChat creates an ecosystem for social networking, branding, CRM, payment and e-commerce solution. 

EM's is Your Best WeChat Marketing Agency

Our services targeting WeChat marketing & e-commerce mainly include

  • WeChat Mini-program Design & Development
  • WeChat Official Account registration and management
  • WeChat CRM Engagement & Management
  • KOL/KOC resources and cultivation for WeSee
  • WeChat Advertisement 
  • WeChat E-commerce Solutions

We Believe You Should Hire US for Four Amazing Reasons

In House Expertise

Unlike many of our competitors, our Managing Director is the organization's brain with technical expertise. We directly employ all of our website designers & developers, marketing strategists & content creators, and project managers, and they work in offices that we own.
This allows us to consistently maintain high quality, credibility, and efficiency.

Profitable Strategy

We start every project by researching and conducting thorough discovery to uncover critical business needs and potential solution paths. We then collaborate with our clients to outline a strategic vision for their project and create a detailed roadmap. Once the project kick-off, we keep the team focused on delivering a quality product on time.
We are a diverse collective of people - a melting pot of cultures and backgrounds, with a common goal of making a difference. We are Bridge for your ecommerce success from an international scale.

Unique Experience

We don't skimp on ready-made themes or templates. Instead, we'll design your website and Mini program from the ground up. We'll work directly with you as your digital partner to create a bespoke solution that meets your company's needs for communicating the right messages to your customers. Most importantly, your website will have the functionality that the best website in your industry should have.

Measurable Results

We are a team of creative problem-solvers, both self-confident and open to feedback. We are detail-oriented, flexible and autonomous. We value curiosity and creativity above all. We love learning and are constantly seeking to better ourselves and our craft. We are dedicated to helping our clients achieve their goals by working with them as partners with measurable milestones.
We put our clients and customers first and work hard to exceed their expectations. Our work is driven by data and tested across multiple devices and browsers to ensure maximum reach and return on investment.