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We LOVE Marketing

We live and breathe marketing. 
We offer our services as a complete distribution solution, including marketplace strategy, Web Design, Social Media Advertising & Management, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), On Ground Marketing Solutions, Key Opinion Leader (KOL)/ Key Opinion Consumer (KOC) Resources, and the localisation customer support to help business ranks high in targeted markets and take your business to the next level.

Meet the Team

Profile of Alice Sheng

Alice Sheng


Managing Director
Digital Marketing & Event Marketing Expert

High-tech B2B and B2C sales & marketing strategist with proven success in PR, events, social media, influencer, and pre-sale marketing. 

Worked in a variety of management and directorate roles within international sales & marketing, having in-depth and hands-on experience working with government, SMEs and Fortune 500 corporations. She is the right consultant to support the UK and Chinese companies to overcome internet and marketing differences to create reliable, fast, and cost-effective marketing for your business.

Leo Wei

Leo Wei

Marketing Director
E-commerce Expert

With over ten years of eCommerce experience in Alibaba and Amazon, Leo profoundly understands how to control advertising data to achieve the highest return on investment.

Leo has a deep understanding of the Chinese digital market and customer behaviours. Also, he built in-depth connections with local commerce. He is ambitious, industrious and curious. 




Technology Director
Digital Expert

Saman delivered bespoke website and social media workshops for various organisations across the UK. Saman is curious, ambitious and full of creativity! His goal is to communicate ideas visually in a way that inspires, informs, or enchants consumers. If you need an accelerator service, he is here to serve you. He will help you grow your influence on Social media and reach customers of real & targeted followers by sharing your account on our partner’s social platform media.

We advocate diversity, inclusion and equity with our high-tech marketing skills

We advocate inclusive, diveristy and equity with our high-tech marketing skills

Deep Insights into China & World Market

We’re Tech Immigrants with Comparative Marketing skills and knowledge. We help customers troubleshoot the existing weakness in the sales & marketing system at home and abroad, especially when targeting Chinese audiences. Make a strategic plan to engage customers and drive traffic for our clients. Our strength is to grow the pipeline and close sales with our extraordinary business insights, years of experience in China’s marketing industry, and a comparative study on the world’s market. 

What We Believe?

Customer First, Always

Established in 2021, we are a young company in this industry. We are most humbled to put a high priority on customer experience instead of profits. Nevertheless, we are not new to the marketing industry. Our existence in the market can be traced back to 2010. We gained solid knowledge & rich experience all the way through, and we boast of our one-stop marketing solutions to create a sustainable future for our customers. As a result, we can quickly expand and contract our resources, giving clients efficient and affordable service.

Marketers with Technical Skills

Let the technicians take care of your digital business. You will never understand the secret of business growth. We are serious marketing professionals with execution knowledge in translating hacking code into passionate marketing.

Our marketing-savvy Alice Sheng will lead the team to investigate your business. Find a formula unique to your products.

Why Us?

International business execution knowledge
Professional knowledge in localising your product for a specific market
Marketing savvy with programme, content creation and excellent connections.