Easy Websites Tutorials for Beginners

Why Set up a Website

For many reasons why you should have a website,  I will just list two most important here:

Fulfilment: Just as you need a home to host your body, you may need a website for your mind if you want to enrich your life. A website encourages you to think and improves your ability to output your insights about what you’re engaged in life, it is where you may take as the tailor-made spiritual world with your presence. 

♦ Money: A website is your online real estate. You can have a website for your business. A website provides you  a tool to get engaged in all sorts of marketing activities such as affiliation program, Google Adsense, which requires you a website to start cooperation with them, and there is a good chance to make a fair amount of money. You may also learn digital marketing skills by “getting your hands dirty” with add-on features on your website, like google analytics, SEO, and such. 

How to get started?

Basically we need three things in mind to start a website:

Hosting, domain name , and website software

♦ Website hosting is the physical space of your online home. It is where all your contents stored, the photos, videos, articles, and all the tools you may use for digital marketing will all be stored here. 

♦ A domain name is the same as your name, you have a name, people call you by name, the domain name is the address of your website, you have a home address, people can easily find you. 

♦ For website software, my suggestion is WordPress because it is by the far the simplest, most popular way to create a website in the entire world. It is an online open-source which means you can download and use the software any way you like and for FREE. It also means that hundreds of volunteers from all around the world are constantly working to improve this software.

Make a  website is quite easy, you got a website domain, a hosting and then you can start building your website on wordpress.,

Point Your Domain name with Your Hosting

After you purchased your domain name and hosting, you need to point your domain name with your hosting to make the website work. The logic is simple, you have space, you got a name for that space which is the address. But they’re two totally different existence if you don’t connect them.

Check below for the detailed steps to relate them. 

How to Create a Website Free of Cost?

You may ask me:” Alice, having a website sounds awesome and it looks pretty easy to build one, but I want to create a business website free.”

Well, we do have solutions to create a free website and earn money. 

As I mentioned earlier in the video, you can get your free domain name from freenom.com or infinity free and other websites, all you have to do is to register 12 months and extend for another 12 months after the date is expired. As regarding hosting, you may build your website on a free host like Wix if you though I don’t want to suggest here if you want to grow your website into a real business:

♦  It’s a bad idea for brand promotion, you will be like borrowing a home from someone else with the .wix right after your domain name; 

♦  Lots of users reported a slower loading speed which will not only hurt your organic search performance but also your business;

♦  It will be the most painful experience once you want to transfer your website to a hosting you’re willing to pay. 

To make it a business website, you either have a business offline to load online or install plugins to get involved in digital marketings which I will show you later in my tutorials. 

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How to Install a Free Map on Your Website?

You want a map on your website, but you hate to install one more plugin, even worse is to set up API like web development.

Besides, Google map no longer free. How to install it to your website without linking the credit card?

I worked out with the best solution. Now I’m ready to share with you.

Visit the official website of google map

 First, go to google maps https://www.google.com/maps

Remind: don’t use your mobile phone for this or else you can’t get the HTLM.

Generate your location

Secondly, search for key words of your location. 

Example: I want to add the site of Messe Berlin. Thus I search for Messe Berlin

Acquire the Code

Click the three-lines sign on the upper left., then you will see a list of choices.

 Click the “share or embed map”, hover over to “embed map” and copy HTML