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Why Redbook China

High Customer Stickiness

As of 2022, the monthly active users of RedBook are over 200 million, and 72% of its users are reportedly born after 1990. Moreover, 50% are from second or third-tier cities in China. While it is known as a female-dominated platform, it witnessed a 30% increase in male user numbers.
Redbook also publishes eight books distributed in more than 100 cities throughout China. In addition, it also publishes an internet site visited by 2 million users monthly.

Popular with the Young Generation

The age range of users is primarily 18 to 34 years old, with nearly 90% of users being women, 73% being born in the 1990s, and more than 50% living in first- and second-tier cities. Buyer Persona is typically more youthful and more prone to be inspired by recommended notes on Redbook China. Redbook China is a great social media platform for producing pertinent and memorable content for your ideal client, the so-called “Zhong Cao”(literally means plant your grass) in Chinese.

Huge Consumption Power

The platform offers content in a wide range of categories, including weight loss, fitness, eating, drinking, playing, makeup, and skin care. Users can find the information they need on Redbook China. Additionally, nearly 60% of customers have purchased products with a price of more than 12 pounds, and over 90% of users have learned about product information on Redbook China.

What Easy Marketing Helps with RedBook China Marketing

Easy Marketing’s Redbook Team of Marketing Specialists, Web Developers, Copywriters and Digital Media Specialists are committed to delivering measurable results for your business in China. They offer various services such as:

  • Lead generation campaign 
  • Social Media Influencer Campaign 
  • Branded content creation & dissemination campaign, and
  •  Engagement Programmes.