Emma Bridgewater's China Strategy Generate Significant Performance

Case Study: Emma Bridgewater's Go China Strategy Generate Significant Performance

Easy Marketing Ltd previously discussed how social media, multi-vendor marketplaces, and shopping festivals differ between the UK and China(Read More). In the following article, a case study will demonstrate how Emma Bridgewater successfully won over Chinese consumers with its products.

Emma Bridgewater's Sales & Marketing in the Chinese Market

Emma Bridgewater is a household name in the world of ceramics thanks to its English-made dinnerware, mugs, and other products.

As part of a global growth strategy, Emma Bridgewater was introduced on the Tmall platform in April 2019. As of this financial year, sales have surpassed expectations by 10%. In addition, to raise awareness of its brand in the Chinese market, Emma Bridgewater launched its WeChat Official Account in June 2019. In August 2019, it published its first Weibo post, and in September 2019, it published its first Redbook post. It begins with e-commerce and moves right into social media marketing.

Emma Bridgewater from 2019 to 2022 in China

Emma Bridgewater launched the KOL factory visit campaign in May 2022 and the Douyin shop in June 2022 in response to the live stream craze sweeping China. As a result, Emma Bridgewater experienced meagre growth from 2019 to 2021 despite the epidemic. But in 2022, sales plummet significantly.

Emma Bridgewater from 2019 to 2022 in China (1)

In addition to self-hosted platforms, Emma Bridgewater also uses Sousou Baike and Baidu Baike, the frequently used tools for search engine optimisation in China, to promote her brand. Emma Bridgewater, which targets middle-class Chinese for a light, opulent lifestyle, proudly maintains its original English brand, unlike many other companies with localised versions of their brands.

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Emma Bridgewater: The Niche Consumption in China

As the world’s second-largest economy, China is an important trading partner for the UK. In the four quarters leading up to the end of Q3 2021, the value of our bilateral trade was £94.5 billion. Opportunities are everywhere in China.

However, doing business in China can be challenging because there are limitations on foreign companies operating in industries like food and medicine. And because of COVID control, many factories might move out of China this year.

China’s government is currently working to shift the economy’s balance away from investment-led growth and toward consumption. The growing emphasis on innovation, higher-end consumer goods, and services for UK businesses represents a significant opportunity.

There is more variety in the products each household consumes, even though each spends more on the goods they prefer. One company that effectively meets the needs of various family products is Emma Bridge.

How Easy Marketing can Help You Go China?

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