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Our expert in-house developers and designers create websites that drive traffic and increase sales.

In a world where no two leaves are alike, the same goes for businesses. At Easy Marketing, our focus isn't simply on attracting a multitude of clients, but on providing meticulous service to each one. With a commitment to quality over quantity, With a commitment to quality over quantity, we limit ourselves to the websites we can fully manage, each crafted entirely by our in-house team, comprised of five professionals passionate about international business and website creation.

Our approach begins with comprehensive communication, allowing us to fully understand your business before designing a tailored website. What we offer goes beyond a mere website; it's an international marketing plan. Recognizing that different industries have unique functional needs, we aim to customize development according to your specific goals and industry characteristics.

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Website Platform We Specialize

Experienced Magento & WordPress Developers

We provide global web design and online marketing services for companies, with expertise in Magento, WordPress, and Apps, using a range of tools including Figma, Github, and Adobe products. Our in-house web designers and developers deliver top-notch web design at competitive prices. We ensure that each website meets your expectations through the combined ability of every team member to work independently and collaboratively, guaranteeing a seamless process for establishing your online brand presence.

Magento is a popular e-commerce platform that enables businesses to create online stores and sell products/services to customers. Our expertise in Magento development allows us to build secure, scalable, and high-performing websites with a powerful e-commerce presence, enabling you to reach more customers and grow your business.

WordPress powers over 40% of the top ten million websites in the world on the internet through its various plugins, themes, and APIs. Its popularity can be attributed to its user-friendly interface, extensive customisation options, and SEO-friendly feature. Our team of experienced developers and designers can build customised WordPress websites that meet the specific needs of your business.

Our team of experienced developers can build custom WordPress apps that meet the specific needs of your business. We can create a plugin that integrates advanced functionality, such as custom forms, payment gateways, and social media sharing buttons, that improves your website’s functionality and user experience. Whether you require a simple contact form or a complex e-commerce integration, we can create an app that meets your specific requirements and enhances your App’s functionality.

What You can Get with Our Website Design

Empowering customization from the core functionality to the outer design.

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We design the website with SEO in mind. Before the design get started, we can help customers identify which keywords they should target to improve their search engine rankings and drive more traffic to their site. We can also use Google Console to track the performance of their website over time and identify any issues that may be hindering their ability to rank in search results.

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Traffic data

By analyzing traffic data using tools like Google Analytics, we can help customers understand how users are interacting with their site. This includes data on how users are finding their site, which pages are driving the most traffic, and which pages are leading to conversions. By identifying patterns in this data, we can help customers optimize their site to improve user engagement and drive more traffic.

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CRM (Customer Relationship Management) provides a centralized database of customer information. We use CRM tools to track customer interactions and identify potential leads. By monitoring the behavior of users on their site and collecting contact information, we can help customers build a database of potential leads that they can target with marketing campaigns to drive more traffic to their site.

Websites for Different Purposes

We Listen Carefully to Your Objectives.

Online Community

Dropshipping Website

Multilanguage Website

Online Education

Our Work

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Foreign Trade: Knitwear OEM
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Service: Future Immigration
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Local Business: Gadgets Repair
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Manufacturing Industry: HZM Power
website case study local electronics shop
Local business: Apple Electronics
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Forum: Event Melt

Website FAQ

All businesses are different, and each will require unique web design projects. Therefore, the Easy Marketing Team will discuss your specific requirements with you to provide a proposal and quotation for your consideration. As a guide, our pricing varies based on the platform you choose; Magento tends to be more expensive compared to WordPress. Additionally, opting for an informational website rather than an ecommerce site can save you money. We’ve created bespoke websites ranging from £2,000 to £22,000, catering to fully customized e-commerce sites with extensive custom functionality and marketing strategies including competitor analysis and SEO. Besides, we offer flexible payment solutions based on our customers’ credibility, including upfront payments or monthly payments if we include a monthly SEO plan in your project.

The time for the Easy Marketing team to design and develop your website can vary widely depending on your unique requirements. The time varies depending on the complexity, functionality, and customized features. As a guide, we can create a simple website within 4 weeks. We may require a longer timeframe to ensure quality if you need advanced features to stand out from your competitors, requiring us to customize all the details. Please fill out a form to discuss your needs with us, and we will provide an accurate estimate of the time required. project. 

Basic pages you will need for your website: Front page, Contact page, About page, Policy page including Privacy Policy, Cookie Policy, and Terms of Conditions. Or landing pages if you want to try with a starter.

  1. Membership Management System: Configurable options allow members to view distinct products, set varying wholesale prices based on quantities, and restrict the visibility of downloadable materials to specific members for Premium Service. Additionally, there are options to adjust member levels.
  2. Human Resources Management System: Job postings are optimized for target markets and search engines. Candidates submit information according to specified criteria, upload their CVs, and receive automatic email responses.
  3. Setting Transportation and Tax Fees: Our platform supports unlimited addition of delivery methods, offers three shipping fee calculation methods, allows customization of delivery prices for different regions, and facilitates taxation for various countries. Upon order placement, our system automatically generates digital invoices sent to customers’ email addresses.
  4. Customized Design of E-commerce Section: We provide fully customizable e-commerce processes, allowing tailored designs of account pages, payment pages, thank you pages, favorites pages, bundled sales, and product queries. Our visually appealing layouts enhance the shopping experience, with easy sharing to social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google.