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Wesbite Platform We Specialise

We offer global web design and online marketing services to companies, with a special focus on WordPress, Shopify and Apps, using various tools, including Figma, Github and Canva. Our in-house web designers and developers can provide high-quality web design at lower prices. We ensure the website meets your expectation because every team member can work independently and collaboratively to ensure a seamless purchasing process.

WordPress powers over 40% of the top ten million websites in the world on the internet through its various plugins, themes, and APIs. Its popularity can be attributed to its user-friendly interface, extensive customisation options, and SEO-friendly feature. Our team of experienced developers and designers can build customised WordPress websites that meet the specific needs of your business.

Shopify is a popular e-commerce platform that enables businesses to create online stores and sell products/services to customers. Our expertise in Shopify development allows us to build secure, scalable, and high-performing websites that provide you with a powerful e-commerce presence, enabling you to reach more customers and grow your business.

Our team of experienced developers can build custom WordPress apps that meet the specific needs of your business. We can create a plugin that integrates advanced functionality, such as custom forms, payment gateways, and social media sharing buttons, that improves your website’s functionality and user experience. Whether you require a simple contact form or a complex e-commerce integration, we can create an app that meets your specific requirements and enhances your App’s functionality.

Price Plan

Great value at an affordable price.

Brochure Website

£ 495
  • Fully Responsive Design
  • Privacy Policy by Country
  • CDN Global Distribution
  • SSL Certificate for Security
  • 4 pages + 2 legal pages Choice from 4 different In-house template designs Logo Design
  • 1 Email Account

Customised Website

£ 1500
  • Fully Responsive Design
  • Privacy Policy by Country
  • CDN Global Distribution
  • SSL Certificate for Security
  • Data Analysis
  • 8 pages + 2 legal page + Blog Archive & Single Page
  • 3 Email Account

Bespoke Website

£ 4500+
  • Fully Responsive Design
  • Privacy Policy by Country
  • CDN Global Distribution
  • SSL Certificate for Security
  • Technical SEO Optimised
  • Best E-commerce Practice for International Business
  • API integrations
  • Social Feeds
  • As many pages as you want, Starting at £4,500, but price will vary depending on the spec of the website.
  • Live Chat
  • Review feeds

Our Process

Sign up

Sign up to our free consultancy page, choose website service you want from us.


Contact us to get an offer for the services you are looking for. We will have in-house designers to have a call with you no matter what packages you choose, so we can have a deeper understanding of your business request and ensure you get exactly what you want with no surprise fee when we get started.
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We will offer detailed items for your project and the price you need to pay.


We have rich experience handling different industries. We will advise you on the best practice in your industry, offer you a proposal with pages, functionality and all the services included, and send you an email for confirmation. Our contract with you comprises emails, project lists, and our Terms and Conditions for Website Design.
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We will confirm with you the company information and what you want.


We will have Logo Questionnaire and Pre-design Zoom meeting with you to prepare a draft for your design. We will have a draft of the website structure and request all the images and content from you. For example, we will show you the designs available if you want a brochure website. If you wish to use another website package, you will get the PDF design of your website and confirm with our team before we develop the website.
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We can amend your website twice free of charge.


After we complete the website design, we will notify you to review the appearance and content of the website. We've covered you with our minor site maintenance service for the first two months after your site goes live. During this time, we'll take care of any updates needed, like tweaking some lines or making minor adjustments to sentences or paragraphs.
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Website FAQ

Our brochure website is the perfect way to kick-start your business goals. Showing your customers who you are, how to contact you and what you have to offer through a professional and sleek design. It is also an ideal choice for campaigns, like promoting products for a festival or showcasing unique products for an international event.

Our custom website offers an opportunity to express and demonstrate the unique personality of your brand.

Bespoke website speaks for your business with the perfect solution. From domain names to marketing solutions, we provide marketing strategy. Our in-house developers will hand-build the web pages with all required functionality and features in mind. We will design a website to showcase your products in the best possible way on pages, blogs, categories and tags to give your customers trust.

The time for the Easy Marketing team to design and develop your website can vary widely depending on your choice of the website package.

We only need one or two weeks for the brochure website but 14 days to a month for a custom website. If you want a bespoke website, the time varies depending on the complexity, functionality, and customized features. Typically, we have a new website in two months.

Please fill out a form to discuss your needs with us, and we will estimate the accurate time for your project.

Basic pages you will need for your website: Front page, Contact page, About page, Policy page including Privacy Policy, Cookie Policy, and Terms of Conditions. Or landing pages if you want to try with a starter.

Additional Pages billed at £150 + VAT (2 hours design time per page). Additional functionality is paid for separately, and the cost is dependent on how sophisticated the project is.

What You can Get with Our Website Design

website front endwebsite dashboard data
Digital Marketing Agency SEO Web and Socia Media Service 9


We design the website with SEO in mind. Before the design get started, we can help customers identify which keywords they should target to improve their search engine rankings and drive more traffic to their site. We can also use Google Console to track the performance of their website over time and identify any issues that may be hindering their ability to rank in search results.

Digital Marketing Agency-SEO, Web and Socia Media Service (2)

Traffic data

By analyzing traffic data using tools like Google Analytics, we can help customers understand how users are interacting with their site. This includes data on how users are finding their site, which pages are driving the most traffic, and which pages are leading to conversions. By identifying patterns in this data, we can help customers optimize their site to improve user engagement and drive more traffic.

Digital Marketing Agency-SEO, Web and Socia Media Service (4)


CRM (Customer Relationship Management) provides a centralized database of customer information. We use CRM tools to track customer interactions and identify potential leads. By monitoring the behavior of users on their site and collecting contact information, we can help customers build a database of potential leads that they can target with marketing campaigns to drive more traffic to their site.

Our Work

website case study jewellery shop
Jewellery Shop: Pearl Shine
website case study manufacturing (2)
Manufacturing Industry: HZM Power
website case study immigration service
Service: Future Immigration
website case study forum
Forum: Event Melt
website case study fabrics shop
Foreign trade: Lacell Bedding
website case study local electronics shop
Local business: Apple Electronics
website case study repair shop
Local business: Gadgets Repair

Websites for Different Purposes

Online Community

Dropshipping Website

Multilanguage Website

Online Education

Membership Management System

It is possible to configure if members can view distinct products. Additionally, different wholesale prices may be set for varying quantities. For Premium Service, we set the visibility of downloadable materials restricted to specific members. There is also an option to adjust member levels. 

Human Resources Management System

Job postings are developed in line with the human resources requirements of the target market and search engines. Candidates fill in the information according to the set criteria, upload their CV and receive an automatic email response.

Setting of Transportation and Tax Fee

Our platform allows for unlimited addition of delivery methods, with a choice of three shipping fee calculation methods. We offer the ability to set restrictions, customise delivery prices for different regions, and support the imposition of taxes for various countries. Once a customer has placed an order, our system automatically generates an invoice in a digital format and sends it to the customer’s email address.

Customised Design of e-Commerce Section(B2C)

We offer a fully customisable e-commerce process, allowing for tailored designs of account pages, payment pages, thank you pages, favorites pages, bundled sales, and website product queries. Our visually appealing layouts are designed with consumer shopping habits in mind, enhancing the shopping experience. Additionally, our platform allows easy sharing to social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Google. 

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