What’s WeChat All About in 2022

Why WeChat is the Survival Tool in China? This article discusses the features of WeChat and how to use the application properly for personal and business purposes.

WeChat is the Survival Tool in China

WeChat is the best app to have on your mobile phone in China. This article, therefore, discusses the features of WeChat and how to use the application properly for personal and business purposes.

WeChat Overview

Tencent, WeChat’s mother company, is one of the world’s most valuable digital companies. Its earlier product, QQ, was popular among the Chinese born in the 1970s and 1980s, which marked the beginning of the digital social lifestyle.

After a rapid parabola growth, WeChat set a record of 100 million users within 433 days. Today, WeChat is the only app with over 1 billion monthly active users, with users of all ages using it.

Best Loved WeChat Function

WeChat is a multi-function product to integrate a variety of functions.

Network, connections and community

As China is a society that places a high priority on “Guanxi” (networks and connections for building trust and opportunity), EM will focus on the functions of WeChat to facilitate networks and connections for building communities.

WeChat for Network, connections and community- Diagram WeChat All About-easymarketing.uk
Connections with People You Know

WeChat all along allowed users to log in using QQ ID numbers, which is why it won a large user pool and was the most competitive product.

Through a quick scan of the QR code, you can connect your friend, family, colleagues, classmates or first-met acquaintances. Additionally, the app will suggest connections based on analyzing information in your mobile contacts or QQ contacts.

Connections with Strangers

The “Shake” and “Nearby” function on WeChat can be used to meet strangers. To enable this feature, you must allow the app “to detect and store your geographic location for a period of time”. However, it is quite controversial in China given that the majority of the population is conservative while the function allows strangers to hook up.

Nevertheless, “Shake” can be used more creatively and interestingly. If a group of people sharing the same space shake the phone at the same time, they can join the group chat rapidly.

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Connections for Business Purpose

WeChat is a CRM tool for business connection and employee management. 

Payment Solution

What's WeChat All About-Pay with a Quick Scan
WeChat has Became Part of Chinese's Daily Life

WeChat is a survival tool in China because people no longer need cash in their pockets. They can use their mobile phones to purchase any goods or services in the stores.

The story goes that a man politely refused a beggar on the street when he told him there was no cash available, and the beggar took out a WeChat Pay Code for him to scan.

While we do not verify the story’s authenticity, it is no exaggeration to say how popular WeChat is in China. It is possible to pay for electricity, water, and internet with WeChat. Users can top up their mobile phones with WeChat. It has access to public services such as insurance, legal services and medical care. People have an option to pay with a WeChat scan in all physical stores.  Even the street vendors or farmers selling homemade vegetables use WeChat for a fast payment solution. 


WeChat for Foreign Vistors

Since 2019, WeChat has partnered with Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover Global Network, and JCB for foreign visitors to pay for goods and services in China with Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover Global Network, and JCB.

WeChat for Brand Marketing

Types of WeChat Account from Marketing Perspective

A third function EM wishes to highlight is WeChat’s role as a brand promotion tool. Most of the brands, regardless of their scale, will register an official account on WeChat or a WeChat service account to broadcast their new products and updates.

Individuals can sign up for an individual subscription account, which is free. Many writers keep active by writing blogs. Earn money from Ad services or tailored advertisements.

WeSee as a Marketing Tool with Rising Popularity
Westlifes First Online Concert via WeChat WeSee Whats WeChat Marketing

For years, WeChat has followed Douyin (the Chinese equivalent of Tiktok) to promote WeSee. The popularity lags behind Douyin. However, the prospects are on an upward trend. Most recently, Westlife’s debut in WeChat’s live stream attracted 27 million viewers. WeSee’s first-ever online concert has gained Westlife fans from the 70s to the 90s who enjoyed the nostalgia atmosphere and shared the concert updates on their social networks.

How to Register a WeChat from Outside China

For people who are currently outside China, WeChat offers many ways to log in, including Facebook, Email, and a phone number. You will need two friends to verify your identity. Here are the steps to register with a phone number.

Here are the steps to register with your phone number.

Step One

You will need verification assistance with a friend who meets the following conditions:

  1. Signed up for WeChat at least 6 months ago; 
  2. Has activated WeChat Pay
  3. Hasn’t completed “Help Friend Register” for other users in the past month. 

Step Two

Ask your friend to open WeChat, search for “WeChat Team”, tap “Account”, and select “Help Friend Register”.

Step Three

Fill in your friend’s phone number and ask her/him to enter your mobile number.

how to register WeChat from outside China, Step 1&2

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