Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

General Questions

At Easy Marketing, we are transparent and honest at all times. We encourage all site visitors to reach us to discuss how we can help you. As a result, we created this list of frequently asked questions to help you learn more about what services we can provide and what makes our services unique in the market.

What services does Easy Marketing offer?

We are a dynamic and innovative digital marketing agency that infuses data science and story mapping for cross-cultural market recognition and business success. Our comprehensive range of services includes full-stack solutions for effective distribution, such as marketplace strategy development, website design and development, WeChat mini-program design and development, and social media marketing that goes beyond simple data localisation.

Additionally, we are experts in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM), ensuring that your business is visible and accessible to your target audience. We also offer customer relationship management (CRM) services, helping you to build and maintain strong relationships with your customers.

Finally, our Computer-Assisted Translation (CAT) technology guarantees high-quality, accurate translations that perfectly convey your brand message across different languages and cultures. With our cutting-edge tools, extensive knowledge and expertise, we are dedicated to providing your business with a complete distribution solution that drives growth and success.

How to join your community?

We are excited to introduce our vibrant community aimed at fostering valuable business connections and experiences. Our community provides a platform for entrepreneurs and professionals to share their insights, promote their startup businesses, and establish meaningful friendships that extend beyond the business realm.

We cordially invite you to join our community and participate in our flagship event, Event Melt. This is a great opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals, network with potential business partners, and gain insights to help you achieve your business goals.

Through our community, we aim to encourage mutual support and collaboration, which are essential to success in the business world. We are dedicated to establishing a setting where people can impart their knowledge and experience, gain from one another, and advance jointly.

Be a part of our thriving and expanding community by joining us today. We look forward to seeing you at Event Melt and working together towards mutual success.

Why do we hire an agency like Easy Marketing instead of hiring an in-house marketing manager?

At Easy Marketing, we are proud to have a team of sophisticated cross-cultural sellers who have been in your shoes. We are aware of the difficulties involved in managing marketing in situations including complicated cultural and mental frameworks., and we've used our frustrations to build comparative knowledge and understanding.

Balancing data and analytics-supported technology with cultural sensitivity is the key to creating an experiential brand experience that resonates with your target audience. Our approach is tailored to each client, ensuring that every campaign is aligned with their business objectives and values.

At Easy Marketing, we are committed to providing clients with a personalised, cost-effective solution that delivers tangible results. Our team is committed to assisting you in achieving your business objectives, and we look forward to working with you. So join us today and experience the difference for yourself.