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Little Red Book Marketing

Little Red Book, also known as "Red," "Xiao Hong Shu," or "Red Book China," is a lifestyle platform designed to achieve high conversions among overseas and mainland Chinese demographics. Easy Marketing is the leading red book marketing agency dedicated to supporting your success through services such as "Content Seeding," KOL & KOC selection and management, as well as targeted advertising.

Little Red Book Marketing

Why Choose Little Red Book Marketing?

A life guidance book tailored for the younger generation. Tagged with a lifestyle focus, it attracts business with a high conversion rate.

Little Red Book has a high customer stickiness

High Customer Stickiness

As of 2023, the monthly active users of RedBook are over 200 million, and 72% of its users are reportedly born after 1990. Moreover, 50% are from second or third-tier cities in China. While it is known as a female-dominated platform, it witnessed a 30% increase in male user numbers. Redbook also publishes eight books distributed in more than 100 cities throughout China. In addition, it also publishes an internet site visited by 2 million users monthly. The slogan transformation over the years marked little red book's success in branding.
Little Red Book liked by Gen Z generation

Popular with the Gen Z Generation

The primary user age range is 18 to 34 years old, with women constituting nearly 90% of the user base. Among them, 73% were born in the 1990s, and over 50% reside in first- and second-tier cities. The buyer persona tends to be youthful and is often inspired by recommended notes on Little Red Book. This social media platform is excellent for creating relevant and memorable content for your ideal client, embodying the concept of 'Zhong Cao' (literally meaning content seeding) with a core spirit of 'sharing your lifestyle.'"
Little Red Book High Conversion Rate

High Conversion

The platform offers content across a diverse range of categories, spanning weight loss, fitness, dining, entertainment, makeup, and skincare. Users can access the information they seek on Redbook China. Furthermore, nearly 60% of customers have made purchases exceeding 12 pounds, and over 90% of users obtain product information through Redbook China. Little Red Book stands out as the ideal social media platform for engaging with a dedicated audience of beauty and fashion enthusiasts.


Our service scope mainly includes account registration and operation. Specific contents include strategy development, operational reports, daily interaction management, content creation and publishing, advertising placement, SEO optimization, etc. It covers key elements such as diagnosis, content strategy, business conversion, operation and maintenance, and review.

As of 2023, we can precisely target advertisements to different cities in China. However, the number of users registered on Little Red Book in the UK is currently limited, and the platform doesn’t have sufficient data for precise audience profiling. Therefore, at present, it’s not possible to target advertisements to a single country for overseas promotion. Nevertheless, Chinese business travelers and students abroad often follow many popular influencers, and we recommend using influencer resources for promotion.

Firstly, we offer seamless communication in both English and Chinese to collaborate effectively with your diverse team. Secondly, operating in the UK, we provide the convenience of placing orders directly into our UK bank account. Thirdly, we have a wealth of authentic IP resources for Little Red Book KOLs in the UK. Unlike accounts using IP from China or the UK, our KOLs’ traffic pool is more stable, allowing for the maximum activation of the UK regional traffic pool and reaching a broader audience. This ensures your brand communicates more effectively with the target audience.

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