Company Registration Services in China

Company Registration Services in China

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Our company registration services help foreign companies, investors, and individuals start and manage businesses in China for regional expansion, establishing resources for supply chain, e-commerce, and accessing a diverse talent pool. We take care of regulations and jurisdiction hassles, making it easier for you.

company registration services in China- sample business liscence
Sample Business Liscence

Types of Company Registration Services

Select the best business structure for your company

We assist you in setting up your business quickly, whether you're in China or elsewhere, by guiding you through various business structures. Our guidance is clear, our prices are transparent, and our services are professional.

Joint Venture(JV)

Ideal for companies with technology seeking to enter the Chinese market with a local partner or for startup businesses aiming to operate quickly with a local partner

  • Conduct business in sectors listed in the block list (industries restricted or prohibited for foreign companies) for WFOEs.
  • Reduce investment amounts, minimise investment risks, and provide more liquidity for additional investments.
  • More government relations and local resources
  • The minimum investment is 25% foreign ownership

Wholly Foreign-owned Enterprise  (WFOE)

Ideal for companies that want comprehensive control over R&D, production, and quality control and those engaging in trade, wholesale, and retail businesses.

  • Implement the worldwide plan of its main company on its own, without any interference from Chinese partners, including total authority of HR
  • Better protection for trademarks and intellectual property.
  • Improved efficiency in operation and management.
  • No special rules for importing or exporting products.

Representative Office (RO)

Ideal for companies to test water in China, and it is the “lightest” company structure

  • Not directly involved in its core operation activitis or revenue generation.
  • Can maintain the company name of the parent company
  • Chief representatives or general representatives can apply for a work visa
  • No need to register the company or contribute registered capital

Easy Marketing’s Procedures Steps & Timeframe

Get everything ready within a month

Normally, we complete the company registration in 15 days, ensuring you have your business license, stamps, and bank account ready. Additional days may be required if you need to obtain import and export trading documents or secial security. 


We will need:

Passport: Please submit a photocopy of your passport or identification certificates. Ensure that all passports are notarized and authenticated by the Chinese Embassy or consulate. Alternatively, you may provide a copy of your visa and China entry records if you recently visited China.

Registration Documents: Submit registration documents from the Chinese Embassy or consulate in your country. Alternatively, provide written documents notarized by the competent authorities in your country and authenticated by the Chinese Embassy or consulate.

Address: You need to provide the Office Lease Contract and the Property Certificate (copy and stamped with the property owner's seal in China). If you are unable to find an address, we can assist and prepare the contracts for you to sign with the landlord. We also offer an address service.

Registered capital is the money that all the shareholders contribute or promise to contribute when applying to establish a company. This amount is then recorded in the company's Business License. The current system allows flexibility, with no time limit for injecting funds—shareholders can transfer the registered capital into the company's account anytime within 0-100 years. While we may consider registered capital in business negotiations, a company's strength is better reflected in the actual money contributed and the number of employees covered by social security.

According to the 'Implementation Measures for the Administration of Enterprise Name Registration,' when registering a company in China, the use of foreign characters, Chinese Pinyin letters, or Arabic numerals is not allowed. However, your company seal is permitted to have both Chinese and English, and import-export trading companies must maintain a bilingual name in both Chinese and English.

The information we will check from you includes

  1. The company name(We can propose a name to match your global presence)
  2. A list of shareholders and their respective share percentages
  3. The legal address
  4. The organizational structure for finance, labor, and supervisory roles
  5. Registered capital
  6. Scope of business

The main legal bases for foreign companies or individuals setting up businesses in China include:

  • Foreign Investment Law of the People's Republic of China
  • Regulations on the Administration of Registration of Foreign-Invested Enterprises of the People's Republic of China
  • Company Law of the People's Republic of China
  • Individual Income Tax Law of the People's Republic of China andEnterprise Income Tax Law of the People's Republic of China

Other relevant laws and regulations, such as:

  • Regulations on the Administration of Foreign Exchange of the People's Republic of China
  • Labor Contract Law of the People's Republic of China
  • Trademark Law of the People's Republic of China

There're many benefits to register a company in China.

  1. Benefit from low tax rates and preferential tax, finance and land use policies.(Join us to learn all the latest policies to encourage business.)
  2. Political stability, high prevalence of security cameras, and good social order The co-founder. (Sebastian was shocked by this when he first visited China.)
  3. The middle-class consumer group is large and has the largest population in the world.
  4. The workforce is easy to manage, and the local employees’work efficiency is high.
  5. Financial convenience, such as creating invoices and receiving payments in Chinese currency, and the ability to remit Chinese currency to its main company outside China.
  6. Some local governments have policies that provide incentives for foreign investment, including subsidies and allowances for talent acquisitionand intership.

You will get:

  1. Business License (original certificate and a copy, approval of business scope on your business license, permits for medical, food, and travel, or any business you applied for).
  2. Articles of Association in Chinese.
  3. Stamps (Company stamp, financial stamp, invoice stamp, and legal representative stamp).
  4. Bank accounts (RMB company bank account, company capital account, and foreign exchange account).
  5. Tax disk (you will need this to issue invoices online and report accounting to the government).
  6. Visa & work visa.
  7. Social security account