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Why do business in China?

Human Resources

The highly disciplined, low-cost labour force combined with a large cadre of skilled technicians makes China the world’s manufacturing powerhouse.

Purchasing Power

China is an attractive country to international companies and investors due to its tremendous potential and stability, and its economy continues to grow even during the epidemic period.

Global Strategy

Moving part of the value chain to China can lower the cost of multinationals, making them more competitive worldwide.

It is hard to sell to China!

Internet Barriers

The Chinese “Great Firewall” blocks your international channels, imposing difficulties for the Chinese to access your marketing content. Additionally, you created an account on Chinese social media, but your content may be restricted for unknown rules you failed to follow.

Lack Resources

Finding a strategic partner for your industry with the trust factor and sufficient resources to bring good clients is a considerable challenge. Apart from that, there is no point in spending money on influencers who cannot deliver profits but ask for too much. 

Heavy Regulations

You will need a knowledgeable agent to interpret and keep you up-to-date with the market and support your risk-reducing strategies as the policies and regulations rapidly change.

Localised Contents

Having more than a translator to market your product or service in China would be best. An agent can help you design marketing materials tailored to local culture to create a memorable brand experience, which allows your marketing message to reach as far as possible.

How We can Help You?

Tailored China Marketing Strategies

Our team’s international reach allows us to understand the diversity of cultures. Our market research and strategy have successfully promoted many products to the Chinese market. Bust most importantly, we have developed a network of business partners who help foreign companies to succeed in China.

Tech beyond China's "data localisation"

The sell-to-China route starts from visible in the market. We offer a web technology-based marketing mix, including website design & development with China’s API Licence, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Computer-Assisted Translation (CAT), On Ground Marketing Solutions, Key Opinion Leader (KOL)/ Key Opinion Consumer (KOC) Resources.

Exclusive Community for China Connections

We support your business from understanding the market to access of our business community. We are an inclusive, diversified and dynamic community to share insights into international trade. We help your team to overcome the mindset gap and build the right mentality in your targeted markets.

Why Us?

We are a young and passionate team

We are comparative marketplace specialists with multicultural backgrounds. We focus on British-Chinese cross-trade markets. You can easily talk to us for home and China market solutions. We’re best placed to offer tailored marketing to your requirements, leaving you to concentrate on manufacturing or business.
The easy Marketing team juggles multiple priorities with a track record of performance excellence. We believe wisdom is a matter of heart and mind. We value word-of-mouth marketing more than our profit and will endeavour to have a long-term relationship with all our customers. 
We market for cross-border traders to make their international business easy. In addition, we help you to localize your product in China market. 

Our Services

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China Digital Marketing Solutions

With the network marketing environments on totally different pages inside and outside China, we will bridge your business with China market with our execution knowledge. Contact us for Baidu SEO, WeChat marketing, Tmall, JD, Douyin (Chinese Tiktok), Zhihu, and Sina, from account creation, content writing, and audience engagement to activity promotion.

Marketing Strategy to Do Business in China

We offer our services as a complete distribution solution. Our marketplace strategy includes web design & development, SEM & SEO, CAT, On Ground Marketing Solutions, industry B2B distribution, Key Opinion Leader/ Key Opinion consumer resources, and the localisation of customer support on a tailored basis for targeted markets and boosts the business.

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China Event Marketing Solutions

We provide UK businesses & organizations services to launch conferences & exhibitions in China, with our expertise in building relationships with excellent EM communication skills and insights into commercials. We are confident in positive solutions to make things happen. Our service covers the whole process of the shortlisted public event. Also, we design tailored campaigns to establish high-quality business ties.

What can I do now?

1on1 Talk

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We have a free webinar once a week. Join our free webinar to get the latest Chinese policies that may affect your business and the tactics to enter the Chinese market. 

We are driven by values

We create TAILORED marketing solutions for all our clients, continually polishing our approach to improving our customers’ ROI. We improve our customer’s experience with a strategic marketing direction unique to the business that helps you stand out from your competitors.