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The founders of Easy Marketing split their time between Leeds and China, residing in both locations periodically. We build websites for customers from all over the world who target Chinese audiences. We create fonts, colors, and aesthetic elements that resonate with Chinese Gen Z preferences and incorporate trending words for young Chinese consumers. The website is optimized for China’s search engine with localized content

China Website Agency

Chinese Web Design Packages

Domain Registration & ICP Liscence

We support you in registering a .cn domain name with ICP liscence if you are targeting mainland China. We will require a valid Chinese business license or organization code and a local administrative contact within China. If you don't have these available, please check our company registration service page.

Website Design

Our website design includes UI design for graphics, website image compression in webp format with copyright information, content localization covering translation and copywriting. We also provide downloadable brochures and banner creation with Chinese buzzwords to make your website more attractive.


We Build SEO-Friendly Websites to Rank High in China's Search Engine

If you are targeting the Chinese market? Easy Marketing team will support you to overcome the Great Firewall with our optimization for top search engines like Baidu, UC, 360, and Sougou. Whether you need an ICP-licensed or fast-loading website, we offer tailored solutions for high-ranking results. Easy Marketing Team combines data analytics, optimization algorithms, and compelling storytelling to elevate your brand’s presence in China’s digital landscape. Beyond web design, we bring together high-tech skills and marketing experience.

How We Develop Your Chinese Website?

Step 1:

Easymarketing's WordPresswebsite design process Step 0ne Discussion

We will audit all the marketing activities you already have at home and for the Chinese market and discuss with you to know what you want to achieve, and demonstrate the solutions we recommend for you.

Step 2:

Easymarketing's WordPresswebsite design process Step Two Draft

We will have a meeting to check all the available resources, including the logo, marketing materials, business objectives and web functionality you desire. We will propose a web draft and get photos, content and videos from you or develop all these materials for customized web design. 

Step 3:

Easymarketing's WordPress website design process Step Three Develop

We signed the contract with web content and project follow-up attached. Let us develop your website within your budget and time requirements. We can redevelop any part you feel is not consistent with the brand.