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How to Publish a Book in China

If you’re a foreign author who wants to expand your readership by releasing a book in China, you may be wondering how to publish a book in China. How to contract with your IP. After all, it is one of the most challenging markets for non-native writers. Even native speakers of Chinese often find it difficult to get their work published in China because of the country’s strict censorship laws and a general bias against works from foreign authors. The article will discuss the issues you need to know to approach overseas sales in China.

Getting Your Books Translated

If you’re still interested in getting your book published in China, you’ll want to start by assessing the state of your manuscript. Your text should be error-free and written with the Chinese reader in mind. To do this, you’ll want to consider a few things. First, remember that most Chinese readers prefer reading books written in Simplified Chinese. If you’ve written your book in Traditional Chinese, you’ll need to translate your work or hire a professional translator to do it for you.
Additionally, you’ll want to consider the topic and tone of your book. Most of the time, Chinese publishers prefer publishing non-fiction books over fiction novels. On the other hand, issues like travel and culture, history, business, and health and wellness tend to do well with Chinese publishers.

Tips for Localising Your Content

You’ll need to consider a few things to publish a book in China successfully. For example, you’ll want to create a Chinese-language title for your book. Remember that Chinese publishers prefer publishing books written in Chinese, so you won’t want to use your original title. Additionally, you’ll want to create a book synopsis in Chinese. Chinese publishers will use your outline to understand the general theme of your work. Finally, you’ll want to hire a professional editor to review your manuscript. Even if your book is written in Chinese, it’s essential to have a third party find any mistakes or typos.

Get a local ISBN code

One must keep in mind that China has information restriction policies in place when it comes to publishing. Your book will go through an additional thorough censorship process if it deals with history, ideologies, religion, or other touchy subjects. As a result, you need to purchase a local ISBN or CSBN in China in place of the international ISBN (China Standard Book Number). In addition, Chinese publishers won’t accept books published in other languages; only books published in Chinese or the Chinese language, as well as foreign languages that have been translated into Chinese and passed censorship, are acceptable.

Case Study of Q & A

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Get a Licence for Your Book

Licence to publish is different from ISBN code. A book printing license in China is mandatory if you want to sell or publish books. You can apply for a book printing licence at the National Copyright Administration (NCA) (国家版权局) . However, there are specific requirements that you need to fulfil before applying for a book printing license in China. These requirements vary from one organisation to another. However, the general requirements include the following: 1. Company Name: The company name must be unique and can only be registered using Chinese characters. 2. Legal Representative: The legal representative must have a PRC national identity card.

What is the Difference between Hongkong and Mainland Publishers

Publishing a book in Hongkong is different from publishing a book in mainland China. China regards Hongkong publishers as Foreign publishers as well. You will need approval from Publishing Administrative at Provincial Level, get a reference number and pay a tax fee if you later sell to mainland Chinese.

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