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Tao Sheng-West Yorkshire Dlister Member

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Tao Sheng

Job: Managing Director
Company: Easy Marketing Ltd
Sector: Digital, Event Management
List of Specialisations: marketing, digital-entrepreneurship
Location: Leeds, Yorkshire & Humber

I was born and raised in China and graduated from one of the top universities in China with a Master’s degree. I had 1 year’s working experience in China’s government, 1 year in School and 12 years of working experience as a senior economist and brand marketing manager for a Fortune Global 500 company. I travelled to 12 countries for international business. And I finally decided to quit my job and start a new journey in the UK this year.I set up Easy Marketing Ltd in April 2022. At Easy Marketing, We hope to bridge cultural gaps using our comparative knowledge of e-Marketing and e-Commerce between the Chinese and the rest of the world. As a result, we’ll relieve you of the burden of not understanding the Chinese people, who make up the world’s largest population and have one of the highest rates of immigration worldwide.


  • Website Development
  • WeChat Mini app.
  • e-Commerce & e-Marketing to China and Chinese ethnic groups
  • Event Marketing Management