Survey Service Targeting Chinese

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Survey Service Targeting Chinese

Whether you're starting from scratch and need assistance with a research project or have it already figured out but still require some advice, Easy Marketing is here for you! We generate new questionnaires based on our samples or create custom ones tailored to your objectives. Simply prepare everything in your mother tongue, and we'll take care of the rest for you. You can set the timeline.

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We send out surveys to people with specific interests and different roles like car owners, students, office workers, factory employees, gamers, moms, travel lovers, online shoppers, managers, and parents. We make sure to reach out to people in their cities and choose those who read the survey carefully. This way, we give you tidy data that's easy to analyze.

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Sample Demographic Requirements

The survey service starts from £2 for each form. If your questionnaire has specific requirements for the target audience, an additional fee will apply for each form. You can assess the pricing based on the following options to specify attributes. You can select multiple options.

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What You will Get

You will receive a survey sample to guide you in creating a survey to obtain market research results. The survey report provides detailed answers to each of your questions. The survey analysis includes tables, pie charts, bar charts, and insights such as the Analysis Conclusion: According to the data table, the number of valid responses for this question is 11. The subtotal for the quality option of cosmetics is 10, accounting for 90.91%, which is the most frequently selected option. It is evident that consumers are most concerned about the quality when choosing cosmetics. The next priorities are the practicality and price of cosmetics, with percentages of 63.64% and 54.55%, respectively. Therefore, when selling cosmetics, attention should be given to the quality of the product while also considering practicality and price to meet consumer needs.