More than a website social integration

More than a Website

An important part of our work in Easy Marketing is answering questions from our customers regarding the strategies to sell their products or services abroad. For example, how is it different from a local business targeting audiences nearby? In what we call ‘specialist referrals, ’ questions are filtered through to our team member who is best qualified to respond, and who will use their knowledge of the records to offer our customers the most accurate event marketing or digital marketing guidance.

Recently, an enquiry came my way regarding which social platform is best to integrate with the website for marketing purposes and what content they shall prepare. These questions are often questioned when Chinese sellers want to sell stuff outside China or a UK business is doing research for marketing to China. The internet barriers make people wonder whether an investment in social media is worth it.

Social Traffic is Important for a New Website

One of our client’s best practises is using the website as the culmination of a marketing effort to receive payment via the website so they can avoid paying exorbitant third-party platform costs, but Tiktok is where they are most active. They manage a variety of profiles, including a business account where they clearly identify their products and several Tiktok accounts that are only used for pleasure and have no connection to their actual business. Despite this, they receive a lot of traffic, and many people find them via their bio after visiting their profile.

The traffic mix shown below is typical for a new website employing social media as its primary traffic source. Tiktok, which is the leading referral site for their new website, provides the majority of the traffic resources.

Traffic leading by social

Test and Focus

While maintaining an active social media presence is essential, choosing which platform to prioritise is a test and decision game. I’ll give examples to illustrate this. One involves a jewellery website that tested Tiktok, Instagram, and YouTube before deciding that YouTube was the best fit for them. Within two months, they had 24 videos with 51,950 views and 82 subscribers. According to tests, their content has proven to be best suited for YouTube.

YouTube Traffic for the website

We will also consider the intentions of the business when choosing the right social medial to drive traffic to the website. For example, we will advise a B2B company to increase its profile on Linkedin to generate leads from it.

As a result, after a website is finished, we will concentrate more on how to drive traffic, and social media is a crucial traffic source in addition to direct traffic. To learn what kind of traffic you may expect for your website, look at the graphic below. The three main traffic sources for a new website are typically direct, paid search, and social media.

What kinds of traffic you can get for your website

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