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Customer's question

We don’t have an import License or Permit. Now we have 380kg of goods to return from China. How can we handle this issue?

Reply from the EM's Expert

First, you may find an agent to support this as most businesses that import goods use a transporter or customs agent.

Second, the transportation fee of the returned goods is always high. EM thus recommend you calculate how much duty, VAT, logistics and rework cost you’ll need to pay. You may then compare the goods price with the cost to get them back.

Third, if the return is caused by transportation, ask your customer/partner to keep the invoice and photo proof records for compensation.

Forth, EM suggests you resolve the dispute with the customer if the sales return costs too much. Your customer or China Business Partner may request you to resend the goods without waiting for the clearance between these two countries.

It’s more likely that the goods can still be used/sold at a lower price by your customer/partner in China, tagged with “defective items”. It’s just that this is not applicable to all product types, especially for products having body contact such as skincare or food. You should never underestimate the importance of brand reputation for your business.