Create a Unique Marketing Experience with Your Brand Story on a Customised Chinese Desk Calendar.

Make Brand Marketing Easier With Customised Chinese Desk Calendar Design.

Customised Chinese desk calendars, the most commonly used printing items for brand awareness in various commercial office settings, have long been in high demand in Chinese culture. As a result, it is a powerful tool for brand penetration when a business is trying to reach customers in the Chinese market.

What is a Chinese Desk Calendar?

In Chinese culture, the calendar is one of the most essential tools for tracking the days of the lunar year, which marks the passage of time based on the moon’s phases. In addition, its unique design and colourful illustrations serve as a reminder of the seasonal changes and festivities that mark the passage of time.

Traditionally, a Chinese calendar chart is an essential household item in many parts of East Asia. While a desk calendar is popular in companies to inform customers and potential customers about their products and services. A Chinese calendar chart usually comes in the form of a wall calendar, while a desk calendar or a poster calendar is commonly used in the office.

When to Print Your Chinese Desk Calendar?

Chinese calendar printing is most prevalent during the Chinese New Year celebrations when celebrants look forward to the Chinese calendar for inspiration. During this time, the Chinese calendar was hung in many Asian homes.  According to the Chinese Zodiac,2023 is the Year of the Rabbit.  And the Spring Festival of 2023 falls on January 21 to 27. You can now order our Calendar for delivery or reserve a book-style calendar for 2024.


Design Tips for Your Desk Calendar Targeting Chinese

If you want market success with the desk calendar, you will need to learn the tips we suggest you follow.

  • If you want your calendar to be kept by the customer as a desk decoration rather than thrown into a rabbit bin once they receive it. Instead of only designing it as a commercial brochure, you must create it as an artistic piece.

       The artistic beauty our design team can offer you.

  • Even though Spring Festival is a well-liked time to give current and potential clients your calendars. It is not advised to create a calendar with the spring festival theme. Because a workplace environment’s interior design scarcely lends itself to the motif of bright red for the Chinese spring festival.
  • Give some explanations on the design. A famous person’s proverb, a source of inspiration or a humorous catchphrase are also acceptable choices. If your business is a vacation agency, include an introduction to pique people’s curiosity with a tale.
  • You may maximise this calendar resource to help your client keep track of important dates. Aid your client in remembering festivals or campaigns.  Give your audience some breathing space on the calendar so they can manage their time. Because if your calendar makes it easier for them to manage their workload, it will become their most valuable office tool.

How Does Marketing Brings Value to You?

  • We provide customised designs for your product or service. We usually have two options for this. One is to sponsor a design competition to get the best idea. To create an impact and bring the design you are looking for, our WeChat Official Account and Douyin Account partners will communicate your company profile and announce that you are running a design competition. Another option is to have the calendar created by talented artists working with Easy Marketing.
  • We help you to target customers for the calendar. Simply schedule a consultation with us, and we’ll help you find partners, clients, and decision-makers. Compared to producing takeaways at an offline event, it generates enormous value.

How does It Work?

  1. Illustration design based on your brand story
Calendar making process
  • Combine illustration with calendar date
Calendar making process-2
  • Physical design
Calendar making process
  • Sample for your confirmation
  • Handmade the design with wooden materials
Handmade the calendar design with wooden
  • Mail calendar to the customer with the tracking number

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