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Q & A | Trading with Chinese Investment or Foreign Clients in China

As part of our newsletter, we will pick up some questions from our audience and answer them.

Can you PLEASE give me ANY offering advice/advertise my father´s farm in Brazil to Chinese investors? How could I make this happen? Your suggestion/opinion will be very much appreciated.

As regards attracting Chinese investment to your father's farm. we will need more information to offer you advice.

1. Which city you're based in Brazil?
2. Do you have financial reports for the past three or five years?
3. What is the background of the company?
4. What is the investment climate/security of Brazil?
5. What might be the return on investment?
6. Can you provide investigation reports from law firms, and accounting firms?
7. Can you get an endorsement from your government? and
8. Do you have an exit mechanism?

We will need all these in Chinese, and my team can help you with the translation. We can later promote your father's farm to investors in China.

If you don't have all these prepared yet, we can have a research paper to explain the policy regarding ODI relating to your business, then you will know the chance you can get the investment, and what you will need to prepare for this project. We can set a time for a Zoom meeting if you like.

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How can we advertise to foreign customers in China?

On May 11, 2021, China announced the results of its seventh national census. China has 845,697 foreign residents, according to the census.

According to a recent survey by Easy Marketing Ltd of 30 respondents, if you want to target foreigners living in China, they use WeChat the most. WeChat serves as a tool for them to connect with friends and, more importantly, coworkers, which explains why.

There are actually several leading WeChat Official Platforms that only publish articles in English. They can be useful resources if you want to use them to develop affiliate marketing targeting foreigners in China.