Selling Books in China

Selling Books in China

Hi there! Nice to greet you from this page and introduce our services tailored for Selling Books in China.
Many authors, including those writing children's books, science, movies, healthcare, fiction, and picture books for children, have reached out to us with inquiries. However, it is almost two years later that we decided to create a service page for book publishing.
It has been a steep learning curve for us to understand the complex publishing industry in China. We have actively communicated with publishing houses, private publishing agencies, and publishing authorities to keep our information updated, rather than relying solely on online sources. We have visited several publishing houses and spoken with people in the publishing authorities.
Our goal is to provide a solution for you, and today, We have the confidence to support you in:
Reviewing your manuscript (we have a team of content creators, and I am a writer myself—I earned my Senior Economist title in China),
Matching translation in your niche (thanks to the six years of experience I had in the translation industry),
Finding the right publishing house that is interested in your titles (we have built these connections over the past two years), and
Supporting your distribution and marketing to ensure you can turn your writing into a profitable investment.

Bridging Borders Through Books: Our Book Selling Support Journey in China

Why We Started This Journey

We are a digital marketing agency with in-house web developers. The question might arise as to why we are engaged in book publishing. There are two reasons:
Answering the Market: As I mentioned earlier, we have received many inquiries. Some authors have a dream of reaching their work to a Chinese audience, while others are looking for a profitable market.
Cultural Fusion Pursuit: Easy Marketing was founded by Sebas and Alice, a cross-border couple with extensive experience living in multiple countries. We've observed a significant gap in understanding between China and the world due to internet barriers. Our mission is to eliminate misunderstandings between cultures, using books as a medium to promote global civilizations.

Charting Success: Your Partner to Sell Books in the Chinese Market

Our Services

We will be your business partner from the translation phase to the point where you find a publishing house and successfully sell your book through online and offline channels. We aim to ensure that promoting your books in the Chinese market is achievable and enjoyable.


You will need an investment to sell your book in China. The price varies depending on the publishing house you choose, but you will need at least £2,500 for a Chinese book number as of 2023. Please keep in mind that this investment is necessary for self-publishing and excludes our service fee. If you find this investment unsuitable, we recommend obtaining an International Standard Book Number (ISBN). Read more about the difference between ISBN and Chinese book numbers in our guide on how to publish a book in China.

In China, the types of books allowed to be published are subject to certain regulations. Generally permitted categories include fiction, non-fiction, educational materials, literature, and more. However, there are restrictions and prohibitions on publishing certain types of content. Books related to religion, politics, terrorism, gore, violence, obscenity, or those inciting crime, as well as materials posing a threat to China’s national security, are prohibited from being published. Additionally, books that deviate from specified historical content control or that harm social morality or the outstanding cultural traditions of the nation may face restrictions. It’s important to note that the publishing landscape is subject to regulatory changes, and specific guidelines may vary over time.

Contract, invoice, packing list, bill of lading, information about the types of books, book number (ISBN), content, and the import filing approval for books.

The import filing approval for books needs to be applied for at the Cultural Bureau. For trade books (basically books with barcodes), approval from the Cultural Bureau is required, and it is managed by China Book Import and Export Corporation, China Education Book Import and Export Corporation, bookstores, and other units. For printed publications, it requires authorization from China Book and does not need approval from the Cultural Ministry. It can be directly imported by China Book Import and Export Corporation. Of course, the content of the books also needs approval from China Book Import and Export Corporation.

To avoid situations where books do not comply with Chinese import policies, fail during the review, and result in unproductive efforts, our focus is on subjects such as textbooks, financial technology, popular science, management, biographies, travel, exam preparation guides, reference books, children’s picture books, youth literature, and art. This concentration aims to enhance the efficiency of the publishing process.