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About Astra Theme

At Easy Marketing Team, we pride ourselves on creating customized websites that meet our clients’ unique needs and goals. That’s why we often recommend the Astra theme as a starting point for our website designs. Astra is a lightweight, highly customizable WordPress theme that’s trusted by over 2 million websites worldwide. It weighs in at less than 50 KB, making it one of the lightest themes available, and it’s built with SEO in mind, with code integrated and Native AMP ready for optimal search engine performance. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the templates offered by Astra theme. 

We can customize every element of your website, including fonts, colors, design, and content. However, if you like one of Astra’s templates, we can adjust it to fit your brand tone and create a unique look that represents your business.

Examples of Astra WebsiteTemplates

Here are just a few examples of the templates that are available with the Astra theme:

Template for Agency

The Agency template is perfect for businesses that want to showcase their services and portfolio. Agency template feature a clean and modern design, with sections for team members, services, and testimonials.

Astra Theme Template for Agency-1
Astra Theme Template for Agency-2

Template for Beauty Industry

The Beauty Salon template is perfect for businesses in the beauty industry, such as hair and nail salons, spas, and beauty clinics. Beauty industry templates feature a sleek and modern design, with sections for services, pricing, and booking appointments.

Astra Theme Template for Beauty Industry 1
Astra Theme Template for Beauty Industry-2

Template for Online Store

The Online Store templates are perfect for e-commerce businesses selling products online. They feature a clean and minimalist design, with sections for product categories, featured products, and customer reviews.

Astra Theme Template for Online Store-1
Astra Theme Template for Online Store-2

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